All your Carpenters needs Solved with a Single tool

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You will find two varieties of carpenters within the particular world. People that prefer their own circular saw blade oriented to people that prefer this, and the best side. I belong to the latter category. I only used pig drive saws while I had been a framing contractor. Into cut off ×6 articles on decks and LVL beams. A sized circular saw could shoot days and cuts a hand saw or reciprocating saw to complete the cut. The SkilSaw Super Sawsquatch worm-drive saw was created to fix this issue.

Cutting Capacity

Let us get it down. The single real reason to have this in my circular saw reviews, is to help you in cutting on boards that are huge. The Skilsaw Super Sawsquatch worm-drive saw does that. With a maximum thickness of 6-1/4″ in 90° and 4-5/16″ in 4 5 °, you may rest easy knowing this saw cuts any traditional timber in 1 pass.

A gigantic saw should supply usability, input calcium parts. A calcium foot plate and casing gives the durability which SkilSaw users came to expect at a (marginally ) light weight package. Magnesium can be a lasting and relatively light weight material that saws used for many years to decrease weight while still sustaining the”strength” that occupation internet websites require. This means for you personally is just really a saw at merely a 27 lbs.

A-15 amp duel-field engine spins the gigantic 16-5/16″ blade. This engine supplies ample power for its cuts out there. It goes without saying, however this could be the engine Skilsaw has designed.

A on board electric brake reduces down the blade once the cause is discharged. This has really been a feature on newer tools, plus yet one which I’m thankful they’ve introduced. That really is huge so far as safety is concerned to an individual in addition to protecting strings and boards.

Among my personal favorite features in the SkilSaw Super Sawsquatch worm-drive saw is your flexible dust vent. Because you can see right now boards creates considerable quantities of sawdust. You are able to angle this to develop an even distinct site, or even better, hook up this to dust selection. EVERY saw needs to possess this particular feature, and i am happy SkilSaw has functioned to figure out this issue.


Because you can imagine, it really can be just only one large butt saw. There are few”tasty” features. It’s enormous, powerful and unapologetic about this. The calcium casing causes it to be around 5 pounds lighter compared to your contest. Even the re-position able handle allows the user and also the dust interface that is flexible is a feature that is welcome. Like a SkilSaw pig drive specialist, I’ve discovered the saw specially comfortable.

I’ve been utilizing the SkilSaw Super Sawsquatch Wormdrive saw for weeks today. I cut out a great deal of 6×6 for porch articles along with while building decks. Much like any substantial circular saw the blade has a little.

A opportunity stands, once it’s. The saw can be well balanced as may be expected also will be offering an unparalleled line of sight (at least for right handed users). The modification grips are user friendly and the thickness of cut and bevel degrees are simple to learn if cluttered. A member of staff preferred that the deal, although Personally, I preferred the re-position able handle at precisely exactly the exact identical location because it originated from the mill. To truly really own the alternative is excellent. The grip position is excellent if trimming at 90-degrees nevertheless if beveling, the position is best.


I frankly can’t find any flaws within this saw and also to accomplish this, is merely to find some thing. This really is an uncommon case in which a tool does precisely what it was made to accomplish.

While that is certainly a specialization tool, it will take it . Evaluations are tough to come by at Tool Box Buzz, yet this saw is well worthy. It is powerful and provides a plethora of qualities which are unique for the tool . The most SkilSaw Super Sawsquatch worm-drive saw is the best high diameter circular saw over the industry. While I could be like being a circular saw user, but this saw is a joy. There is rivalry within this current marketplace, along with you and I will be the beneficiaries. You may pick up one on the web.

Recently it appears that I have mostly been speaking with you guys regarding cordless tools. Being an”East Coast” contractor I am familiar with dealing together with a right-bladed side-winder saws, however, SKILSAW SOUTHPAW supplies reliability that is tough to deny, with all the durability of a pig drive.

By the calcium components to strand span this saw has been assembled to your expert’s and every-day job-site demands. Produced with durable magnesium engine housing, shield and shoe plate, the more SIDEWINDER is your lightest-weight saw in its category, weighing just 8.6 pounds. The trick to it’s light weight could be your all-magnesium structure which will help reduce user fatigue. It is a left-blade saw, perhaps not a left handed saw. Having a saw, you’ve improved prominence.

The brand newest blade-left saw, that will be not quite equal to the previously published SPT67WM, will soon probably likely be available this season. The engine is just really a Dual-FieldTM Motor that’s designed with aluminum engine windings. Aluminum area dissipating heat increases, and maintain the engine cooler that is 40 percent. This cooling system expands tool’s own life.

The design and depth of cut levers are big and simple to go. The judge painted black that we saw observable and is engraved. The thickness of cut indicator is tagged with benchmark places. You will find 0° and 4 5 ° cut outlines both on front and back of this saw’s calcium plate. A quality which appears to fly beneath the radar but is valued. The SOUTHPAW includes an on-tool multi function wrench for brush and blade fluctuations and also a 24-tooth carbide SKILSAW blade.

I enjoyed it, there is not just really a great deal of bells and whistles , it has really a work horse saw which may provide reliable support to you.
While I’m mostly cordless in my job-sites, I have a corded circular saw at the trailer.

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