September 26, 2022

Do You Believe In God? Some people do and Some people don’t. It’s up to each individual to figure it out what they really believe in. People starts to believe in things when they are left with no choices or desperate to earn something…blah..blah…boring, isn’t it?. let’s get to the point i recently saw an Indian movie “Oh My God (2012)” which is based on a Indian religious play called Kanji Virudh (vs) Kanji, and with a story almost  similar to that of the Australian movie The Man Who Sued God (2001).

It’s a brilliantly crafted and intelligently portrayed religious comedy movie that questions the existence of god. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So i thought of list out a collection of similar movies of supernatural comedies with religious aspects that i have seen.

Warning: Do Not Think Too Much It Could Hurt Your Brain…Just Have Fun.

1. Life of Brian (1979)

“Life of Brian”, in my opinion, the best religious comedy movie ever made. Monty Python’s Flying Circus knows how to do everything hilariously. Focusing on Brian Cohen (Graham Chapman), who gets mistaken for the messiah in Judea in 33 AD, the movie pokes fun at everything: Romans, Jews, imperialism, even extraterrestrials.

This movie is so incredibly clever and thought provoking that it’s not surprising that it raised so many hackles. Plus, it’s as fast paced and funny as a Marx Brothers movie without the musical breaks. You can watch it 20 times and you’ll still sing at the end.

2. Bruce Almighty (2003)

Bruce Nolan is a selfish and conceited man who does not think of the needs and wants of others and does not consider consequences of his actions. Bruce constantly complains about God and says that God is ignoring him and maybe even laughing at him. One day, Bruce meets God face-to-face and is given God’s powers. Riots break out and things go just as bad for Bruce himself as he realizes what he has done.

Carrey is hilarious in the slapstick scenes being the Supreme Almighty and it has an interesting premise wherein he plays God. Many statements in the film can be quite thought provoking and even challenging, and I applaud Tom Shadyac for his effort in this movie. So, while far from perfect, definitely an amusing popcorn movie with a little bit of thought behind it.

3. Dogma (1999)

Dogma is a religious comedy about two angels Bartleby and Loki dropped down from heaven into Milwaukee for all eternity. One day discovering a way back to heaven by basically tricking God which could cause total chaos. So the Voice of God Metaron is sent down from heaven to inform the “Last Zion” Bethany, Metaron tells her the whole story telling her that before her journey she’ll the need the help of two prophets who are Jay and Silent Bob.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are fantastic as a pair of renegade angels. The array of actors in this cast playing some pretty unlikely parts, such as George Carlin as a Cardinal and Chris Rock as the apostle Rufus, not to mention Selma Hayek and Alanis Morisette, make the movie.

4. Defending Your Life (1991)

“Defending Your Life”, the simple premise is that we all live multiple lives on Earth, and each time we die, we go to Judgement City where we are evaluated. It isn’t the traditional ‘heaven or hell’ decision. Instead, if we have overcome fear, we move on to something better, more complex. If not, we are sent back to Earth where we lead another life, and continue this cycle until we have demonstrated, to two judges, that we have overcome fear.

This movie shines with wit and wisdom and inventiveness. It features memorable performances from Streep and Torn. And Brooks the actor remains the best deliverer of lines written by Brooks, the brilliant screenwriter.

“Defending Your Life” is one of the more original and funnier looks at the afterlife. This is a must see for everyone.

5. Heaven Can Wait (1978)

Desperate to return to the life he left behind, Joe and Heaven go on a quest to find a replacement body that Joe’s soul can be deposited into. Joe wants a young, healthy body so that he can return to his career as a promising football star, but Heaven begs to differ and places him in the body of a Mr. Farnsworth, a fabulously wealthy and infamous corporate giant who was recently murdered by his cheating wife Julia  and lowlife partner Tony Abbott. Warren Beatty  was fantastic and extremely funny in the role of Joe Pendleton. His best buddy Max was played by Jack Warden. He was a laugh a minute. The lovely Dyan Cannon played the girlfriend Julia.

“Heaven Can Wait” was also nominated for 9 Academy Awards, of which he only won one. It’s a shame we don’t have the chance to see more from Warren Beatty because he certainly is a true talent.

6. Evan Almighty (2007)

Bruce Almighty is better, but Evan Almighty deserves credit. This time around, congressman Evan Baxter has to build an ark before God punishes the world with a flood. Steve Carrell, shows his strong appeal and a high index of likability, as he portrays a character that could have been a farce and a silly joke. Carrell, gives his portrayal a solid base, combining plenty of sensitivity, intelligence, and some untapped star power. Everyone should at least like this film, many will love it (especially if your over 35 or so) but at least see it and let it pass it’s message on to you in some way.

7. Oh, God! (1977)

“Oh, God”, Jerry (John Denver) is an assistant-manager for a produce store. He’s a happy family man until God (George Burns) requests an audience. He has picked Jerry to carry his message of good will to an increasingly pessimistic world. But Jerry finds that people are difficult to convince, he even has trouble trying to make his family understand that God appears to him as a kindly old man.

George Burns plays a great part as does the rest of the cast.No one will be better than George Burns for this role. He is a comic genius. I’d say just watch this movie and you will love it!

8. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991)

Bill and Ted are back, only this time an evil dude from the future has sent back an evil Bill and Ted to destroy them, thus destroying ‘Wyld Stallions’ and the basis for human society in the future. This time Bill and Ted have to travel through the afterlife ‘Totally Bogus’ and save humanity ‘Excellent’.

It’s a little stupid, but come on. If you enjoyed “Excellent Adventure”, you should most likely have fun with “Bogus Journey”. This was the movie before “Dude, where’s my car?”. Only this one is actually funny. Like I said, it’s just a good time. It shouldn’t be taken seriously and if you enjoyed the first one, you should like “Bogus Journey”. It’s just a funny movie with some memorable characters.

9. Oh, God! You Devil (1984)

“Oh, God!” series is very good. When Satan said the contract was a trial period, that just shows how Satan likes to lie and manipulate. Even though George Burns is gone, I think they should make a fourth installment to the series and have Bill Cosby play the role of God and the devil.

Not as good as Oh God! but better then Oh God! Book II.  George Burns is so great, I believe the older and wiser he got, he just became that much more endearing to the public. Any one of the “Oh God” installments is terrific. Have a good time while watching it. It has some good slapstick and a good performance by George Burns. So enjoy.

10. Down to Earth (2001)

Well, if you’re a Chris Rock fan, you’ll enjoy it. I did. Rock accidentally gets killed by the people ‘upstairs’, so he gets put in a loaner body (fat, old, rich WHITE guy). Of course, he’s still the same person inside, which causes some trouble. Greg Germann’s character could have been more highly developed to add a sense of evil to a film that was too holy. Could have been much better, but considering it’s an adaptation of an adaptation, Down To Earth was impressive enough to endure.

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