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Starting a new nursery is among the happiest times for any would-be parents. They wish to set up as many well-made pieces of furniture as possible. When the infant will come its crib and diaper transforming table will end up irreplaceable for all moms and dads.

They should take into consideration them way ahead of time so that they can arrange it correctly. The crib needs to come to be comfortable for your child and the altering table should have the required points. So, it is always good to buy them way in advance. A specific thing such as the Dream on Me, 4 in 1 Full Dimension Crib and Altering Kitchen table Combo will certainly help the mothers and fathers. So, let us know a little more about this.


This piece of furniture from Desire On Me has quite the list of functions, largely due to the way it brings together an entire crib with a fully functional changing table. In the event you already personal a crib, this design might be too big for no reason for your particular scenario, therefore why a simple, standalone changing desk, similar to this Alone back crib, may be more suitable to suit your needs.

There are even more options to select from on our transforming table buying information. But to the multifunctional Fantasy On Me crib-table combo, below are a few of its main features.

  • The bed is actually a 4-in-1 your bed so it will likely be with the infant for a long period. After being employed as a crib one can transform it right into a kid mattress, a day bed and into a total bed.
  • It really is totally safe for the infant. It fulfills the ASTM and CPSC requirements.
  • The crib and changing table are free from dangerous such things as latex, guide and phthalates and BPA.
  • The crib has the capacity to go ahead and take bodyweight approximately 35 lbs.
  • The bed is quite spacious and features been ergonomically designed to be light yet durable.
  • The transforming table provides the exact finish off since the crib making it cohesive.
  • They just think about 50 lbs.
  • The combo comes in 4 eye-catching surface finishes to select all nurseries.
  • The merchandise needs construction after shipping and delivery.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The best thing about the product is that two things are coming in a combo.
  • The crib is light yet strong.
  • The transforming kitchen table has sufficient level of storage area in the bottom two shelving.
  • The furniture established has become developed in a way that it is actually completely secure for your youngster.
  • It reduces the trouble to get another crib or perhaps a individual changing table.
  • The available finishes appearance quite good and present a neutral choice for all parents.
  • The combo is quite affordable.


  • The crib doesn’t have a bed. Neither of the two the transforming kitchen table includes a altering pad.
  • Anyone will need to spend time in assembling the pieces. But a handy manual is provided with all the established.


In summary, it could be said that the crib and transforming desk combo is a nice addition to the nursery. The makers haven’t made any give up while designing the established. They wanted to make anything of good quality plus they definitely have completed it. So, now it is in the parents to decide if they want to get the combo or otherwise not. Based on us, it is definitely a great choice for a reasonable cost.

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