September 26, 2022


TopTenBestFilms.Com website speaks about the world cinema, top rated films and upcoming films. We all like movies especially when they are well crafted and well served to us. We all have our favorite films. We like it because it gets into the core of our heart in some way or makes us feel. We might not know why do we even liked this particular film? This website gives you a prominent idea about the films that you should watch and relive your old memories.

Why film?

After busy hours of working you really want to spend some of your time for relaxation. There are skilled techniques and methods to relieve yourself after hectic working hours. Some prefer Meditation, Fishing, Beaching and Chatting but there are certain ways you can not only relax yourself plus you could fill your pocket (Heart) with some heart warming, mesmerizing and out of the world feelings. This is my sort of technique to relieve myself and I wanted to share this blog with those movie buff’s who feel in the same way. Here some of the top class movies (Random Collection) which you must watch before your eye sights goes off.. I mean.. Literally..

I love films because…

There are no limits to human imaginations. It’s scientific fact that the human mind is capable of discovering and exploring the infinite. Some of us wants to share those imaginative thoughts with others and make them feel exactly what they feel about certain things in this world. This is where “Motion Picture” plays a crucial part in sharing those creative ideas with others in an elegant and realistic way. This is the collection of movies which are highly innovative and creative in the screenplay, Editing, Plot and Cinematography. Welcome to